Tips to Generate More Conversions From Social Media Traffic

Targeting the social media crowd is like targeting a feast which is never static. An individual’s interest keeps on changing rapidly, they are constantly online and offline as their attention spans allow them. Hence it’s highly recommended to understand the scenario before investing heavily in any social media marketing campaign.

The key factors which determine that a social media marketing campaign is successful are

1.Social media traffic

2.Conversion KPI.

Social media marketing needs to feed into those areas of your sales and marketing efforts which can generate subsequent return on marketing investment. Social media traffic can be analyzed to determine the site which is most valuable for your social media efforts. Calculating the GCR (goal conversion rate) for each social media website can give you the information about the effectives of your marketing campaign.  Higher GCR with higher traffic from key social media platforms indicates great success.

There are certain strategies which you need to know for creating conversions from social media marketing. These are:

Make your website Mobile Friendly

Using portable mobile devices is very common now days. Thus, people use their mobile devices to access social media. So it is highly recommended to create a mobile friendly website as it can boost your social media marketing strategies. This is because

1.Google prioritizes mobile  friendly web pages

2.Your pages will rank higher

3.Helps to get more conversions

4.User generally expect mobile friendly website

5.Hence a design compatible with mobile comes first and then for desktop.

6.Luckily, WordPress, Squarespace and others are popular platforms mobile compatible built in.

Use  Visuals  Create Attractive Content

Human beings are more inclined towards visual effect. This eye catching factor should be present in your website to create more traffic.  As a pen is incomplete without ink similarly words and images are incomplete without each other as an image follow up to move the reader through a story with grace and elegance. Tips to make unique images:

1.Maintain consistency with colors

2. Insert a video or GIF

3.Avoid poor stock images

It builds an expectation for the readers and helps them to choose between what to read and what to avoid.

Optimize Message for Each Network

There are several social media platforms that handle texts and images differently. We should be smart enough to gather knowledge about all the existing networking sites. This is beneficial for us to promote and create relevant traffic.

For instance, twitter has a limitation to 140 characters .However the lack on word count is made up by images.

Visual media has significant impact on social media marketing.

Links should be redirected to Relevant Landing Page

A page on which you want your site visitors to redirect and is relevant to the link provided on the social media is known as a landing page.

You should make sure that the links and content surrounding your social media links should fulfill the user’s expectation. To improve your sites visibility use social media channel on your website as well as directory listings and forums where ever possible.

Spend time to ensure all the links shared on social media post, works and points back to the page which you want the user to get engaged.

Social Media Content should be Informative

Standing out from the crowd in user’s social media feed can be a great challenge.

To create an engaging post, your content should be inclusive of the following aspects:




4.Captivating along with CTA (call to action) tone

Your content should not be lengthy to captivate readers, rather now a day we all have very less time to spend on anything. Hence people are more attracted towards short and crisp content which contains all the required information searched by a reader.

The reason why many people struggle with this concept is because they are not proficient in their field. But for expert it’s easy to provide legitimate solutions in their operating industry.

We need to be systematic and patient in approach to social media marketing and data analysis. This helps to increase customer’s allegiance and conversion rate.