7 Most Valuable SEO Tools to Help You Rank Higher In Google

Imagine if you already created a website but there is no awareness about it then all your hardwork would go in vain. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital process in Digital Marketing which helps your target audience to find you, by making your webpage easy to crawl and categorize by search engines. Search engines help you to advertise your business and create a brand awareness so that your business reaches out to a wider range of audiences and grows organically.

1. Ahrefs: The Powerpact Tool

Ahrefs is the most popular and valuable tool of SEO to digital marketers. It is an all-inclusive tool which caters to users various features like keyword analysis, backlink analysis, content analysis, URL rankings, competitor analysis and preparing an audit report. Using this tool you can keep an eye on your competitor, the kind of backlinks they have created and the keywords that they have used. After conducting a thorough analysis you can formulate your own strategies and optimize them to get excellent results that would help your business grow.

2. MozBar: The Extension Tool

Mozbar is one of the favourite tools of digital marketers as it very conveniently allows its users to quickly scrutinize competitors, clients and link prospect websites for critical on page elements and inbound link metrics. This tool can be used as an extension on any web browser, commonly Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and is accessed as a toolbar. It provides much information on on- page metric such as contents of a webpage’s title tag, alt text, Meta robots as well as Domain and Page Authority.

3. SEMrush: The All Inclusive Tool

SEMrush specializes in providing its users with great insights by providing effective keyword search and updates on keyword ranking. It helps to improve the performance of your website by analyzing the competitor strategies. It is a great tool for your content marketing plans. It helps in building your brand and social media presence by tracking the past and current rankings. Also it helps it optimizing strategies to increase traffic to your website.

4.Yoast SEO: The Must Have Plugin

Yoast SEO is a very easy and widely used plugin in Word Press which helps in making your search engine very user friendly. This is a must SEO tool that you cannot miss as it helps in positioning articles in search engine in a way by which you can reach out to larger audiences much faster. This plugin helps you templating the title and Meta descriptions, most advanced XML sitemaps, full control over site’s breadcrumbs and automatic canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. It also helps in creating content by providing tools to write the correct keywords and texts.

5. Siteliner : The Checker Tool

It is an essential tool to check your website’s quality. It is very important that your website is free from any dubious content, broken pages, broken links, skipped pages and other related issues as it hampers the ranking and genuinely of your website. A website free from canonical issues and of great quality ranks faster and gives better results. This is a must have tool for any website.

6.Screaming Frog SEO Spider: The Crawler Tool

It is one of best website crawlers that helps you to check and fix any issues related to the content, canonical issues and link building. It helps you resolve issues related to duplicate Meta tags, missed titles wrong use of words and description which are not in line with the best practices of  SEO.You can make use of this tool to save yourself from redirecting to 404 error page and also deteoriating the quality of your website. It helps you get an in depth understanding of your website versus your competitors and work upon it to get improved results.

7.KW Finder : The Keyword Tool

Keyword research and listing the correct keywords are vital tasks for any digital marketer. Once you have the correct keywords no one can stop you from getting fruitful results. It is one of the best tools for keyword research after Google Keyword planner and helps you find long tail keywords with less SEO difficulty. It has many features like auto completion, keyword suggestions and questions that assist and guide you to get the most relevant keywords for your website.

Courtesy: Google


If one correctly uses these SEO tools it will give them the desired traffic very soon. So, next time when someone searches for any keyword that relates to your business and your business reflects on the top rank it proves that you have effectively used SEO.